Urban Hack Attack – Episode One

This video of hackers taking over the lighting controls in an urban skyscraper in order to play the world’s most awesome game of Space Invaders is ominous proof that intruders really are eyeing utility control systems as targets, warns security vendor McAfee.

“The inspiration was really to take the idea of having a computer game in your living room, and take it up to a really big screen,” says Yves Peitzner, managing director The Brainstormclub, the Munich-based producer of the video. ”It’s been very interesting to read the discussion on all the different blogs and websites … There are some people who really think this is real.” Two different Munich buildings were shot for the video, and the terrific Space Invaders game play was added in post-production, says Peitzner.

The stealth marketing firm hatched the idea last year as a promotional concept for a video game conference. When the conference planners backed out, Brainstormclub shot the video anyway. An Easter egg at the 32-second mark points back to the company and its partner, DSG Dialog Solutions. The clip was an official honoree at the this year’s Webby Awards.

Advertiser: DSG Dialog Solutions
Director: Yves Peitzner
Advertising Agency: The Brainstormclub

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